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The vagabond data scientist

Machine learning on the road

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Nic Bertagnolli is an itinerant data scientist who lives almost full-time from his van with his partner, Laura McNerney, a previous guest of this show. He’s also mathematician, tinkerer, and, though he may not admit it, a futurist and philosopher. Outside of this, Nic enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. He’s worked for the likes of 3M, a series of startups, and even Verily, a health research company in Alphabet, as he travels the world with little more than a laptop on his mission for adventure and high accuracy, precision, and recall.

I speak to him about the state of machine learning and his areas of research. We also discuss the evolving relationship between humans and machines, potential futures, and how to keep current in one of the most dynamic domains of human knowledge.


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